Clear identification of pets through AI image recognition


CogniPet™ gives the deep connection between humans and animals a very special digital home. Using AI-based image recognition and blockchain technology, CogniPet™ mobile app automatically arranges all animal photos in a pleasing timeline. This timeline is not only fun to scroll through and share with family members, but also offers the animal great protection thanks to its unquestionable identification.

Breeders and buyers of pets as well as insurers, authorities and pet care organizations benefit from this advanced method. It is an important contribution to worldwide animal protection. With its playful emotional approach CogniPet™  also offers an attractive environment for suppliers of pet products of all kinds.

business idea

The promising potential of pet-recognition

For pet owners

pedigree tracking

Thanks to the combination of AI-supported image recognition and blockchain technology, pedigree connections can be attached and the ramified generation course of the pets can be traced online.

Fun, social interaction

CogniPet™ automatically creates an interactive picture timeline of beloved pets. In addition, it offers pet-tuned image filters and augmented reality tricks for fun and sharing on social media. Also a good way to make the app popular.

Security, find my pet

Lost pets can easily be assigned to their owners. With just some mobile phone shots, the system will detect an animal entered in the database with high certainty. This also makes pet theft easier to investigate.

For breeders

digital certificate

The breeder can seal all data and photos of an animal on a blockchain with a time and location stamp, further secured with cryptography. The digital certificate replaces paper documents that can easily be forged by fraudsters.

Pedigree Register

With CogniPet™, breeders can take photos of their young animals and store their identity forgery-proof in pedigrees. Potential buyers can discover the pets through the apps search engine and follow the history online without any missing parts.

Transfer ownership

Thanks to the blockchain, breeders can not only provide clear proof of origin of their animals. They also can transfer the timeline ID to the new owners as a certificate of ownership together with the photos of the first hour.

And much more

pet insurers

Insurers can offer their products to a high-quality target group via CogniPet™. In cooperation with veterinarians, they can record the medical history of the pets in the blockchain for tailor-made offers.

product suppliers

CogniPet™ offers attractive native advertising formats for pet products with facebook-like targeting possibilities (location, race, age of pet ...). There is no better place for animal product advertising.


CogniPet™ can serve as a basis for an official pet register to record taxable animals, issue certificates and identify found animals. This will also help to curb the black market in pets. Furthermore, animals will no longer need to be chipped.

A huge emotional market

1 %
of people in western countries

… live with at least one pet.
33 % are dogs, 23 % are cats.

Billion Dollars globally

… are spent per year to buy pet related products and services

10 %
of millennials

… are likely to use technology to keep track of their pets.

40 %
of us pet owners

… see their dogs and cats as members of the family.

22 %
85% of couples

… feel their pets influence their relationship positively.

dog posts on social media per week

… per social media user owning a dog. Cat content not counted.

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