Swiss pet technology app released


The Swiss start-up, CogniPet, which wants to bring dogs and cats into Blockchain, has passed the first milestone. A basic version of the mobile app was recently released on the iOS App Store.

Version 1.0 initially focuses on the digital lifestyle of modern pet lovers. The photo centered functionalities make it possible, for example, to keep shared photo albums of the four-legged friends. Today, dogs and cats are among the most popular photo subjects besides selfies. Today, dogs and cats are among the most popular photo subjects alongside selfies. The only problem is that even the most beautiful pictures on different mobile phones and tablets of a family are quickly lost. CogniPet saves these precious moments by synchronizing pictures of pets across the cloud with all mobile devices of the family and invited friends in a clear timeline.

Who has seen Luna?

When the beloved pet tragically escapes one day, the SOS feature comes into play. It allows you to digitally send a report of a lost pet with a photo profile and a map needle to all app users in the area. In comparison, the search posters with tear-off notes on trees and street lamps look like relics from another time.

Just the beginning

What today comes across as a pleasing lifestyle app is supposed to put a stop to the rampant black market with illegally imported dogs and cats in the near future. With the help of Blockchain technology, animals from reputable breeders will be given a traceable identity and thus make the purchase of a pet safer. In the future, the app will also help with the mediation of pets from animal shelters.


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