Swiss Startup brings pets into the Blockchain


The Swiss startup CogniPet™ plans to store the identity of dogs and cats in the Blockchain with the aim of reducing potentially misleading and fraudulent practices. Thanks to AI-based image recognition, the CogniPet™ mobile app will give the pets a digital ID and validated pet industry information, offering potential buyers and owners more security. 

In western countries, more than half of the  population have at least one pet, especially dogs and cats. Not all suppliers in this market of millions focus on the welfare of animals. Again and again media reports about unbearable puppy factories, which produce “new products” on an assembly line to meet the high demand for a four-legged friend or new family member. In this highly fragmented, diffuse market, CogniPet uses digitization to create transparency and, via a contact function, bring serious breeders together with responsible pet owners. The app also aims to help dogs and cats in shelters to find a new home.

Breeders can deposit certificates, pedigrees and medical documents on their dogs or cats in the CogniPet app which is open to potential buyers. A breeder rating is also listed to support decision-making. In addition to these fundamental functions, the Android and iOS CogniPet app is also intended to enrich the digital lifestyle of modern users throughout their pet’s lives, for example with intelligent photo and social media functions. Of particular value is that the image recognition capability of the app should also help to quickly reunite missing or found animals to their owners.


About CogniPet™

Behind the Swiss startup CogniPet™, based in Zurich, is a ten-member international team consisting of blockchain, IT, marketing and legal specialists. The business activity consists of the development and marketing of a touching app for pet lovers, with commission-based purchase mediation between breeders and owners including a rating function, healthy pet life information, and interactive social media. Thanks to blockchain and AI technology, the animals in the system receive a certified digital identity with traceable genealogical and medical data.


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